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Data Engineering Scripting Language Moves Beyond NASA


DESL is the Data Engineering Scripting Language, developed by ViGYAN. It provides a flexible command interface to its powerful underlying engine that can be used by the user to manipulate and visualize spreadsheet-style numerical data in a variety of ways. DESL is the sophisticated successor to the package known as HyperDAS.


DESL's origins are in the aeronautics industry, having been associated with NASA wind tunnel data reduction, and data manipulation and display. In such an environment, data is collected and stored in a "point by point" sequence. Such data, thus collected, can easily be dealt with the DESL software system.


Other engineering and experimental projects, which must deal with data of a similar form, can benefit equally well from the simple, effective building-block approach to managing data that DESL allows.


Magenn Power Inc., has created the Magenn Air Rotor System, an inexpensive, lighter-than-air, tethered wind turbine that generates electrical energy by rotating about a horizontal axis in response to active airflow at 60 to 1,000 feet in altitude.

NASA Langley Research Center examination of the 16 foot transonic wind tunnel - Credit: NASA