ViGYAN provides quality engineering analyses, wind tunnel services, and computer support for its government and commercial customers. We strive to be responsive to the needs of our clients, to provide a supportive working environment for our employees, and to be a contributing member of our community.
Since 1979

Providing an array of sophisticated technical expertise with a specialization in low speed wind tunnels

Established in 1979 in Hampton, Virginia to supply aerospace research and development services to nearby NASA Langley Research Center, ViGYAN Inc. today provides an array of sophisticated technical expertise, from advanced aeronautics capabilities to next-generation computer systems.



We also own and operate a low-speed wind tunnel dedicated to the acquisition of both force and pressure data. The tunnel accommodates small, 3-D models. Read More



Company Snapshot

Our clients include a variety of U.S. civilian and military government agencies, as well as commercial interests in the private sector. Although our primary focus remains aeronautical engineering, our capabilities extend to electrical engineering design and fabrication and the development of data acquisition systems and systems controls. In addition, we are expert in software development, computer technology support, educational products and services and marketing management.


We are an SBA-certified, minority-owned, small disadvantaged business.


The company name is derived from the Sanskrit word for science.

Our discipline-specific expertise includes aircraft aerodynamics, flight dynamics, performance and stability-control analysis, computational fluid dynamics, wind tunnel testing and aircraft control systems.


We operate facilities, oversee flight systems, administer computer systems, design, develop and install instrumentation and control systems and develop and implement marketing programs.





We own and operate a low-speed wind tunnel dedicated to the acquisition of both force and pressure data. The tunnel accommodates small, 3-D models.



ViGYAN's Wind Tunnel

    ViGYAN's Low Speed Wind Tunnel Work


Designed and built in-house, ViGYAN's Low Speed Wind Tunnel is located at our main ViGYAN business site in Hampton, Virginia, in the Aero-Fluids Laboratory building behind our offices in the Langley Research and Development Park. The low-speed, open-return-design tunnel has been in operation since 1988, serving the aerodynamic testing requirements of government agencies and commercial customers, in addition to supporting ViGYAN's own on-going, internal research and development.


The facility has recently undergone a major renovation of its model-support, electronics, and data-acquisition systems. The Tunnel's state-of-the-art, automated systems provide excellent force and moment, pressure and flow-visualization capabilities.


Facility staffing includes engineers, model builders and technicians, model systems engineers, and instrumentation/data acquisition and reduction specialists.

Tunnel programs allow for the full-scale and model testing of:


  • Aircraft - air and electric powered models


  • Buildings


  • Ground vehicles


  • Ground structural components - antennas, screens and wires


  • Inflatable structures


  • Instruments and sensors - response studies and calibrations


  • Spacecraft - winged and entry vehicles


  • Topographical models

For experiments requiring test conditions or model sizes not suited to the ViGYAN Wind Tunnel, ViGYAN also has access to a number of NASA Langley Research Center wind tunnels through an existing Space Act Agreement.



Capabilities & Expertise

ViGYAN provides an extensive array of associated support, including wind tunnel model fabrication, instrumentation and electronics, test engineering, and aerodynamics research expertise and computational fluid dynamics.


Tunnel and other engineering services are competitively priced and available via company purchase orders, credit card, or via the TEAMS support services contract at nearby NASA Langley Research Center.


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